Thursday, January 26, 2012

Decisions, decisions

The time sure has been flying, we've been in India now for 10 days and continue to become more comfortable with navigating Delhi.  Today is Republic Day and I have never seen the streets so empty!  A pedestrian's dream, this.. haha :)

Yesterday was amazing, it was our trip to the Taj Mahal and we were blown away by it.  The beauty and attention to detail were staggering.  Totally worth the long day and crazy traffic; it's definitely the highlight so far.

Today I have another scan in an hour or so.  My scan on Tuesday was abdominal which showed my ovaries (well, one of them) much better.  5 follicles, one at 15mm (overachiever) and the rest at 12mm.  My other ovary continues to be shy and was hiding (behind god knows what).  She could only see 1 follicle at about 12mm.  She mentioned tentative collection for Sunday, so that's creeping up quickly!!

Today is also the day I think we need to choose our surrogates.  We've gotten profiles for 6 lovely ladies, and wow it's tough to decide!  I mean, how does one pick - in a typically Canadian fashion I already feel guilty about the ones we don't pick, if you know what I mean.  But at the end of the day, our goal is a successful pregnancy with the side benefit of helping a family here so I just have to keep that in mind.  Kerrie noted at one point in her blog that they look at when the potential surrogate last had a child, which was a helpful point.  It does feel judgmental to be influenced by pictures, but it is nice to be able to put a face to the name.  A couple of them have such a sweet, gentle look about them, but they all look like very healthy, happy mums.  Clearly they're all very generous to be taking this path.  Anyway, it's a tough process and we'll ask Dr. S some questions when I have my scan today. 

And yes, Kerrie, it is indeed HMG I'm getting now (along with something to stop me ovulating) and they're not my favorite shots in the world!!!  Although all nurses are not created equally - some of these shots hurt far worse than others but my husband is quick to remind me that "giving birth probably hurts much more" when I snivel... hmmm.  Yes, ok, good point.  

So I'm off to guzzle a litre of water and do the potty dance until I get my scan.  Fingers crossed everything is on track!  And thanks everyone, again, for your comments and support as we take this journey.  It is sure a huge help, as is reading the wonderful blogs of those who have taken & are taking the same journey.  Once we're back home again we'll have more time to read your stories and follow along :)

***** update - Just came from my scan, I have 5 follicles at 19mm (??!!) and one at 14mm.  Trigger shot tomorrow at 6 am, egg collection Saturday at 3:30pm... holy smokes!


  1. goodluck for the retrieval, fertilization, implantation and positve pregnancy vibes!!!

  2. Wow - that is great news!!!Best of luck with your egg retrieval on Saturday!!!

  3. 19mm..ready to go!!! Last shot YAY!!! Have a great retrieval, I hope is all goes well!!
    Choosing a surrogate, especially the first time is so difficult. I struggled with the guilt for the ones we did not choose...but, you can only choose one! Best of luck, I will be thinging of you.

  4. All the very best for the egg collection! If you are having trouble deciding on a surrogate, perhaps you could ask the clinic to choose the very best one for you. That's what I did because they're the experts and I had no idea! (And they chose very well!)

  5. Yeah I let Dr Shivani choose it takes the stress out of it. I think they all get chosen for an attempt by some one anyway as they start meds way before you choose them, if you know what I mean. Anyway best of luck for egg retrieval, I found it really pain free with Dr Shivani and so glad you went to the Taj Mahal it is magnificent!

  6. Will be thinking of you!, all the very best!. I just couldn't decide on our surrogates... I ended up letting Dr Shivani choose each of them for me, it was just too difficult.
    Love the 'potty dance'comment......I almost thought I would drown with the amount of water that I consumed!!. Fingers crossed :)