Monday, January 02, 2012

OMG moments so far

  1. We're going to try to have a baby!
  2. I know nothing about babies.
  3. We're going to India!
  4. I know nothing about India.
  5. We're leaving in less than 2 weeks!
  6. I've nothing to wear.


  1. Easy as, you go, suffer culture shock and then go shopping for new clothes, (don't take clothes this takes valuable luggage space) talk to people who know things, like Rahul or Rachna, ride elephants, see monkeys, visit the Taj, look at temples, eat lots, get hooked on Indian soapies ( the bad guy have glowing eyes and are demons, or are wearing too much gold, the heroine is modest and poorly dressed), have your hair done, meet other IP's and make friend from around the world.

    Babies are trickier, but not expected right now, but when they are, you'll do what we all do and that is hire a nurse ( $25 for 12 hour shift) and suck in everything they tell you

  2. Good luck and have a great time!!!

  3. You will love every moment of it, we sure did!! I think nights in January get cool so pack some sweaters and yoga pants. So excited for you!!!

  4. Congrats on taking the leap! As most of us here end up "Here" because we have been unable to conceive, we all know nothing about babies starting out, so rest assured you are in good company! As far as what to wear do not stress! Likely, you will end up wearing the same thing over and over and not even notice because you are so busy having so much fun!!! All the best to you! Bernadette

  5. Pack light, shop hard ;), take a few deep breaths and go with the flow.

    Sending you buckets and buckets of magic.. you are going to be great!