Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Feelings of inadequacy, home at long last and the dreaded 2ww

Hello blogland, 

I've been rotten with updates, sorry about that.  

The Friday after our last post was spent mostly roaming around near Connaught Place and then a nice dinner out, after meeting the very nice lawyer Dr. S uses and getting contracts signed.  Saturday before egg collection we stuck close to home, just wandering around M block and N block markets.

The process of egg collection went smoothly - no need for abdominal collection which was a bit of a relief.  The not so good news is that of the paltry 6-pack of follicles, 4 shot blanks and Dr. S was only able to find 2 eggs.  So disappointing!  I'm not sure how I can feel guilty over something I have no control over, since feeling that way is completely irrational, but I still feel somehow inadequate.  Just something I have to work through, I guess, but it wasn't the result we were hoping for.

The highlight had to be coming out of anesthetic, and laying cuddled under a fuzzy blanket while some sweet nurse stood there and petted my head.  Seriously, she was the best head-petter ever!  Much much different from my experience with nurses at home, haha.

Saturday evening was spent in our room, and we made the decision to move our flights up from Feb 1 to Jan 30 - so we'd be leaving at 3 am Monday morning.  In hindsight, that maybe wasn't the smartest move - it only gave me just over 24 hrs to recover - and dumb move #2 was spending Sunday at Dilli Haat madly trying to find all the gifts for family we had put off shopping for.  Oops!  Too much time on my feet, I think, and then 24 hrs or so in transit to Vancouver resulted in my not feeling all that hot on the recovery end of things.  We also did a 6.5 hr drive to my mum's as soon as the plane landed, to pick up our dog, and then 4 hrs home today.  Home sure feels nice!!  Maybe a quiet day off my feet tomorrow will help the cause, it would be nice to have the sore, bloaty tummy go away.   Maybe there was a bit of ovarian over-stimulation or something, but I'll give it another day or so to see if it settles down.

We had no internet basically from about midnight Sunday when we headed to the airport until we landed in Vancouver yesterday afternoon... so we were quite anxious to hear from Dr. S about the results of fertilization.  I madly fired up the old iphone as soon as we were off the tarmac, and good news!  She had emailed saying fertilization went very well and we ended up with both eggs as grade one embryos - the best she said, so that was a relief.  She also said that egg transfer went very well with the embryos at 4 cells each, and the scans looked good, so that was more good news.  At Dr. S's suggestion we transferred 1 egg each into 2 surrogates; she said that was our best shot at success.  Oh, and she did end up picking the surrogates for us - we had picked two but Friday midday Dr. S emailed us saying that after doing testing of the surrogates' uterine linings, she had 2 different surrogates she thought would be better - so we were more than happy to take her advice.

Now the dreaded 2 week wait!  We're both trying to keep our hopes in check as we know with only 2 eggs the stats aren't in our favor.  All we can do is cross our fingers and wait!!  And right now we're both really fried from the mad travels the last few days, and are gravitating towards a very welcoming bed :)


  1. Sounds promising. Wishing you the best of luck.

  2. You have been through so much and have had no real *you * time to relax and sort through things..

    Sending you loads of baby dust to make 2 lil miracles happen xoxo

    P.S. Get some chocolate.

  3. 2 eggs is better than none and it only takes one to stick and develop. We all get hung up on the numbers but I had my highest count ever a couple of months ago and got two negatives, I had more success with less eggs so I believe it's more about them sticking than how many are put in. Just my humble opinion. Sending you lots of positive thoughts and baby dust. Take care and rest up!! The 2ww sucks, I think its the hardest part.

  4. I only had 2 eggs 2nd attempt and it resulted in our beautiful Isla so good luck! Wishing you all the best.

  5. goodluck for the 2ww but it is not how many eggs, you had 2 good quality eggs so lets hope for success.Dr S wii always do the best in your favour. now all we need to do is blow loads of baby dust to you.i felt rotten after the egg retrieval too but Dr S advised that i took loads of water which helped. we are keeping everything crossed and praying that you have success. stay positive too!

  6. Keeping my fingers crossed for you!!! Get some rest!