Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Wow, thanks!

Thanks so much to everyone, for reading my drivel and leaving such warm, encouraging and helpful comments!  I really appreciate it and it helps so much :)

And thankfully, all I seem to be focused on right now - seriously - is looking like the nerd in the herd.  Is that a girl thing?  But it certainly keeps the other, scarier fears locked happily in the closet where they belong.  I figure if I'm worried about how I look, I'm doing ok so far.  The less stress the better at this point, and I'm not really stressed about it, it's just something fun to worry about.  Frankly, at this point, I'd go naked, I just want to go!!  Ok, I guess I wouldn't - scaring the cows is frowned upon. 

Speaking of which, we found a lovely picture from Mr. B's gran's time in India, so thought I'd share.  10 days until we go!  I'm getting so stoked...


  1. Oh my! What an amazing old photo!
    Thankyou so so much for sharing xoxo

    hmm Have you heard of *Happiest Baby on the Block"?
    I really recommend looking at the info on it. Wish it had been round when my 2 were little. Wouldve saved so many sleepless nights.Ive seen it work wonders with my friends little ones.
    Anyhoo something to mull over.

    Take care, dont go naked.. sunburn makes it sore everywhere ;-)
    The cows wouldnt worry too much but the cops might lol

  2. How neat-- love the picture! VERY excited for you guys! (And I love the whole outfit distraction technique. As I am far too scared to actually start shopping for baby stuff I spend my time browsing online for new clothes for myself for baby pick-up in Delhi 110 degree heat. Ridiculous, I know, but heck, this process makes even the most sane a bit loopy;))

  3. What a great photo... things have certainly changed in India since then!.
    Looking forward to getting more updates!.Enjoy - don't pack too much as the clothes are so cheap! and the shopping is great.