Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Beta date, and a few pics

So we heard from SCI this morning and our pregnancy test will be on Feb 11.  So the wait is on!  I can't express how happy we are that we chose SCI - a positive result would of course only reinforce that, haha - but the cleanliness of the clinic, the organization of the staff and Dr. Shivani's professionalism were so comforting.

I thought I'd upload a few pics from our trip.  Over the next few days I'll put some thoughts together about the experience and post that but in the meantime I'm quite enjoying going back through pictures.

Our room at India Luxury Homes BnB, it was clean and comfortable
I don't know what amazed me more - that everyone seems to build fires right on the streets or that many of the dogs were outfitted with sweaters... welcome to winter in Delhi!
The market at Nehru Place, it was sure an eye-opener!!
Chai and curry.. heaven
We loved the cows in the street..
Dadi-Poti's tombs - Hauz Khas
Baha'i Lotus Temple
Qutb Minar
India Gate, closed for Republic Day preparations, but still amazing even from a distance
Jama Masjid, Old Delhi
Chandni Chowk, oh my!  I'm sure glad we were on a bike rickshaw.. or we might still be lost in the alleys
Humayun's Tomb
Bada Gumbad, Lodi Gardens
The Taj Mahal - definitely a must see!!
Bruce was really impressed with Tandoori ovens
Me, looking very stylish on egg retrieval day
The best curry ever, Dilli Haat market... last day!  We flew out next morning @ 3 am :(
The beloved Pashmina goat (pic on the cell phone of vendors from Kashmir).  We're desperate for a flock now!
Last but not least, our differing ideas of "breakfast" at 7 am in the Frankfurt airport, lol!!

Ok, OMG, that wasn't a "few" pics... sorry!  How does one choose?  There's so much to see!!


  1. Love the pics!!! Best wishes for the 11th!!!

  2. Love your photos. Makes me miss India.

  3. Great pictures!!Brings back lots of memories!!Looks like you had a super time!!Thanks for sharing!!Now the 2 week wait worries ,though.Feb 11 will be here, quicker than you think!!!!
    Best wishes to you two!!

  4. Fingers crossed for the 11th of Feb.....that will be a LONG day! The more pics the better!!!

  5. Thank you SO SO MUCH for sharing your pics and story. Hubby is flying in to Delhi on his own at the end of this month to see Dr S. So he now has some ideas of what he would like to see and where to go in the week he is there.

    Keeping our EVERYTHINGS crossed for you all xoxo

  6. Great photos! - brings back loads of memories for us. I've everything crossed for you. Keep busy in this 2ww :)