Sunday, February 05, 2012

The faces of India

What really strikes me now that we're home is how much I miss the people.  While many were unquestionably entrepreneurial and somewhat (or completely) on the take, even those guys were so good-natured and warm.  Reading the history of India, there have been undeniably bloody periods and it's always good to remember the strength behind seemingly gentle facades, but we were met with unfailing politeness everywhere we went.

While my previous post was more about us and stuff we saw, I wanted to dedicate a post to the many lovely people who crossed our path while we were on our journey.

On the plane from London to Delhi, such a sweet little girl

A random tailor, who was so smiley and had such a lovely hat on, but obviously felt posing for a picture should require a bare head & grave countenance
We enjoyed the bike vendors on our street, who we could hear melodiously calling out their wares well after dark

Any time you pulled out a camera, there was always someone VERY willing to pose, haha

Bruce's favorite, the sweet potato vendors

The kids, playing cricket absolutely everywhere

A very sweet family bringing veggie scraps to the deer at Park Belluchi

A waiter at Park Belluchi restaurant, who was continually getting in trouble for hanging out at our table and ignoring other customers

The amazing team at ISIS.  Why didn't I get a picture of Dr. Shivani??  Why???

The first of many sweet families who asked to have their picture taken with us (being fishbelly white, we didn't exactly blend in)

Bruce took what I think is a striking pic of some men hanging out at the bus stop

Bruce adored bargaining for the best price on the autorickshaws, a by-product of which was getting rickshaws not in the best of mechanical shape - Bruce ended up helping push this one several times.  The driver took the lack of starting in stride, and had the happiest giggle

Chai with a sweet smile, daily at the clinic

Posing is even more important than cricket!

I will never complain about ironing, ever again..

Our amazing bike guide through old Delhi, this is at the top of the wholesale spice market in Chandni Chowk

The stunning saris against the historic monuments - amazing

Our friend at reception, who gave us so many good tips about things to see

A very sweet gramma, gamely teaching her grandson the intricacies of cricket

Probably the most lengthy photo shoot of the trip - a lovely family group (two couples, baby, mother in laws, etc etc etc), who wanted pictures with us when we were at the Taj - so many we were posing for about 15 minutes, it was very cute.  Note how tiny this lovely lady is!  My goodness, and I'm not a tall person

We were kept entertained in the traffic jams in Agra by the vehicles in front of us

And last but definitely not least Sister Geeta (sp??) who I have to thank for giving the the best shots, ever.


  1. Great photos!!Alot of these pictures and places,we experienced ourselves.We loved old delhi and the same tour given by a great personal bike tour guide!! I agree that the people of Delhi were memorable and wonderful all around.Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Oh now I miss India even more!! I totally agree about all the people we met in India. They were all so kind to us and such beautiful,beautiful people!!!

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  4. Incredible India. Thank you for sharing these amazing pictures. Wishing you all the best.